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Deco Resin UV Clear Epoxy

Deco Resin UV: Crystal-clear, non-yellowing synthetic resin with swift 2-minute curing under a 6W mini
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Deco Resin UV Clear Epoxy


Crafting Brilliance with Deco Resin UV

Civil Engineers, interior designers, architects, and craftsmen in Jordan embark on a journey of crafting brilliance with Deco Resin UV. This one-component synthetic resin introduces a crystal-clear, non-yellowing, hard glassy finish to your creations. Ranging from 100ml to 1000ml, this UV resin is designed to be your swift and stunning crafting ally.

Crystal Clear Brilliance

Deco Resin UV ensures a crystal-clear finish that illuminates your crafted pieces with unmatched brilliance. Bid farewell to yellowing concerns, as this UV resin preserves the integrity of your creations, providing a lasting and glossy allure that enhances the visual appeal of your crafts.

Swift Curing Under UV Light

Experience the magic of fast curing under a 6W mini UV lamp. In just 2 minutes (1 minute for each side), your creations will be completely cured. This swift curing process not only saves you valuable time but also allows your creativity to flow seamlessly without interruptions.

Versatile Crafting Applications

Deco Resin UV goes beyond being just a resin; it’s a versatile crafting companion. Tailored for resin jewelry making, garment accessories, and a wide array of DIY crafts, this UV resin opens doors to diverse creative possibilities. Civil Engineers, interior designers, architects, and craftsmen in Jordan, can explore and experiment with confidence, knowing that Deco Resin UV can adapt to various crafting applications.

One-Component Convenience

Say goodbye to complex mixing processes. Deco Resin UV is a one-component resin, ready to use immediately without the need for a hardener. This convenience streamlines your crafting experience, allowing you to focus on your artistic vision rather than intricate preparation steps.

Sizes for Every Project

Choose the perfect size for your project. Deco Resin UV is available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml, ensuring you have the right amount for your creative endeavors. Whether you’re working on intricate resin jewelry or larger DIY crafts, these varied sizes cater to the specific requirements of your projects.