Silica Sand

Elevate projects with Jordanian Silica Sand – perfect for Civil Engineers, architects, and craftsmen. Enhance
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Silica Sand


A Natural Marvel from South Jordan

Embark on a journey into the heart of construction excellence and creative expressions with Jordanian Silica Sand. Sourced from the pristine landscapes of South Jordan, this natural resource has been meticulously washed and graded to ensure optimal performance in various applications. Beyond being a mere aggregate, Jordanian Silica Sand stands as a versatile material that enhances the strength of construction projects while fueling imaginative endeavors.

Key Features:

  1. Natural Silica Excellence: Harvested from the landscapes of South Jordan, our silica sand boasts unparalleled natural purity, ensuring optimal performance in various applications.
  2. Washed and Graded Precision: Each grain undergoes meticulous washing and grading, guaranteeing uniformity and quality in every batch. The precision of the grading process is crucial for the effectiveness of the silica sand in diverse applications.
  3. Versatile Applications: Explore a myriad of applications, including sand-cement mortars, litter boxes, children’s playgrounds, water filters, fish aquariums, and epoxy crafts. The versatility of Jordanian Silica Sand makes it an invaluable material for various projects.
  4. Perfect for Epoxy Crafts: Achieve the look of sandy beaches effortlessly in your epoxy crafts. Jordanian Silica Sand provides the texture and authenticity your projects deserve, creating realistic sandy textures in epoxy projects.
  5. Color Customization with Decorex Pigments: Infuse vibrant hues into your projects by coloring the silica sand with Decorex Pigments. Express your creativity and bring your vision to life with personalized colors that suit your artistic style.
  1. Sand-Cement Mortars: Enhance the strength and durability of your mortars with the natural purity of Jordanian Silica Sand.
  2. Litter Boxes (Cats Box): Create a comfortable and hygienic space for your pets using our high-quality silica sand.
  3. Children’s Playgrounds: Build safe and enjoyable play areas with the versatility and safety provided by Jordanian Silica Sand.
  4. Water Filters: Ensure optimal filtration with our high-quality silica sand, providing effective filtration for various impurities.
  5. Fish Aquariums: Create a natural habitat for aquatic life with the pristine and washed Jordanian Silica Sand.
  6. Epoxy Crafts: Craft realistic sandy textures in your epoxy projects, adding a touch of authenticity to your creative expressions.
Available Sizes:
  • Silica Sand Size: 1.5Kg, 6Kg
  • Aggregates Size: 3mm, 300, 600

Elevate your projects with the natural purity of Jordanian Silica Sand. Order now for quality aggregates that meet your construction and creative needs. Unleash the potential of this versatile material and bring your visions to life with the excellence of Jordanian Silica Sand.