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Transparent color dye

Transform your resin creations with vivid shades, intense pigmentation, and crystal-clear transparency. Crafted for Jordanian
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Transparent color dye


Decorete Transparent Color Dye

Welcome to the realm of Decorete Transparent Color Dye, a game-changer for artisans, architects, and creators in Jordan crafting with epoxy resin. Specifically tailored for use with the Decorete epoxy line, these liquid colorants redefine the possibilities of resin art.

Key Features:

Custom Craftsmanship:

These transparent color dyes are meticulously customized to complement Decorete epoxy products seamlessly. Experience a harmonious blend of color and clarity in every project.

Mesmerizing Palette:

With an array of 20 carefully selected colors, these dyes empower you to infuse brilliance into your resin creations. From deep blacks to vibrant pinks, find the perfect shade to bring your artistic vision to life.

Crystal-Clear Transparency:

Crafted specifically for use with clear epoxy, these transparent colors ensure that your resin projects maintain a crystal-clear transparency. Let your creations shine with unparalleled clarity.

High Concentration, Low Usage:

A little goes a long way with Decorete Transparent Color Dye. Experience the power of high concentration, where just a drop yields a shockingly strong dyeing effect. Unleash your creativity without worrying about running out.

Versatile Applications:

Whether you’re a seasoned resin artist or just starting your journey, Decorete Transparent Color Dye opens up a world of possibilities. Ideal for Epoxy Resin and UV Resin art projects, these colorants provide exceptional results in various applications.

How to Use:

  1. Select your desired color or mix multiple colors to achieve your unique shade.
  2. Add a drop of the color dye to your resin mixture.
  3. Blend and witness the magic unfold as your resin project comes to life with vibrant hues and unparalleled clarity.

Explore a world of vibrant possibilities with Decorete Transparent Color Dye. Specially curated for Epoxy Resin and UV Resin art projects, these high-concentration colorants provide an unmatched dyeing effect with just a drop.

Immerse yourself in a world of color and clarity. Shop Decorete Transparent Color Dye now to unlock the full spectrum of your creative potential. Craft with brilliance!


  • Available Sizes: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Coffee Brown, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Yellow, Golden, Grass Green, Green, Medium Yellow, Peacock Blue, Pink, Purple, Purple Red, Rose Red, White.

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