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Damas for finishing Products Co. – Decorete was founded in 2005 in Amman, Jordan as an industrial company specialized in the manufacturing of cement based finishing products aimed to serve the local and regional markets, and provide high quality products to the construction industry.

Initially, Decorete aimed to capitalize on the growing demand for new finishing products, mainly; colored plaster and stamped concrete materials, and fill an existing gap in the market. The company started out with 3 dry mixers and one liquid mixer and a capacity of 9,000 tons a year.

Decorete distinguished itself by training a professional staff of applicators in response to market needs, which gave the company an advantage over other existing suppliers. And within less than one year Decorete managed to establish itself as an uncontested market player in Jordan for its specialty products.

Decorete seeks to become a market leader, and thus is seeking to further increase its production range such as perlite plaster, artificial rocks, and GRC moldings, and has taken steps to pilot products in these sectors in preparation for upcoming market demand.

Decorete utilizes the experience of its well experienced management staff, and specific knowledge of its industry’s technical know-how and market intelligence.

The following sections will briefly provide an overview of the company’s performance, market sectors and potential markets, and a vision into future prospects.

Company Mission

To provide the Jordanian & regional markets with innovative, high quality and reasonably priced decorative solutions, offering an alternative to exterior decorative finishing that would add value to properties while offering unique sustainable flooring and exterior finishes.

Decorete focuses on providing its clients with a unique identity through customized decorative solutions tailored to fit the project requirements and budget, through offering a large variety of coloring and finishes that adhere to the specific design requirements. Customer satisfaction is at the core of Decorete’s objectives, and thus Decorete provides its clients with a comprehensive service, ranging from manufacturing and supply of finishing materials, to design, application and maintenance.

Company Vision

Decorete aims to become a synonym to high quality innovative decorative solutions, through expanding the market’s awareness of alternative finishing options, and creating opportunities to add value to real estate through unmatched exterior finishing.

Decorete’s vision is to integrate state of the art decorative solutions into the design of construction projects, pushing the edge of the envelope into advanced applications that provide the company with the tools to become a leader in its field.

Decorete’s vision is to expand its product range through exploring new manufacturing technologies and adapting those technologies into innovative decorative applications, further expanding the alternatives of the market and upgrading the image and value of its clients’ projects.

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