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Damas for finishing Products Co. – Decorete was founded in 2005 in
Amman, Jordan as an industrial company specialized in the manufacturing of
cement based finishing products aimed to serve the local and regional
markets, and provide high quality products to the construction industry.
Initially, Decorete aimed to capitalize on the growing demand for new
finishing products, mainly; colored plaster and stamped concrete materials,
and fill an existing gap in the market.

Stamped concrete, colored plaster and artificial rocks work for Aqua park dead sea

Multiple successful projects executed by our expert teams

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New Arrivals Product

Terrazzo Mix 200 Scent Stone

Create fragrant, small items with Terrazzo Mix 200 Scent Stone. Easy to use, scented, and
JOD 2.50JOD 10.00

Terrazzo Mix 100 Art Crete

Terrazzo Mix 100 Art Crete: Your canvas for crafting small sculptures and decorative pieces. Versatile,
JOD 6.00JOD 25.00

Terrazzo Mix 400 Fast Dry Terrazzo

Discover the magic of Terrazzo Mix 400 Fast Dry Terrazzo, designed for Jordan's artisans. This
JOD 5.00JOD 20.00

Terrazzo Mix 300 Pro Crete

Introducing Terrazzo Mix 300 Pro Crete, your go-to choice for professional terrazzo applications in Jordan.
JOD 5.00

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