Terrazzo Mix 200 Scent Stone

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Create fragrant, small items with Terrazzo Mix 200 Scent Stone. Easy to use, scented, and versatile for art and decor projects in Jordan.

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Explore Creativity with Terrazzo Mix 200 Scent Stone

Elevate your artistic endeavors with Terrazzo Mix 200 Scent Stone. This versatile product, designed for the Jordanian market, empowers you to craft small, scented masterpieces. Dive into the details and discover how Terrazzo Mix 200 can bring your creative visions to life.

Key Features:

  • Ease of Use: Terrazzo Mix 200 simplifies your creative process. With a mixing ratio of 2 parts powder to 1 part water, achieving the perfect consistency is a breeze.
  • Fragrant Finish: Craft not only beautiful but also aromatic items. The scented powder ensures a long-lasting fragrance in your final product.
  • Color Freedom: Tailor your creations with a variety of coloring products. Decorete powder pigments or other coloring options can be seamlessly integrated.
  • Finishing Touch: Achieve your desired finish by sanding your creation post-curing. This optional step allows you to refine the texture and shine.

Where to Use

Terrazzo Mix 200: Scent Stone is designed for those who wish to unleash their creativity. It’s perfect for:

  • Crafting small figures and shapes using molds.
  • Sculptures, decorative pieces, and more.

How to Use

Unlock your artistic potential with these simple steps:

  1. Mix 2 parts Terrazzo Mix 200 powder with 1 part water in a clean container, ensuring a smooth and homogeneous consistency.
  2. Customize your creation by adding Decorete powder pigments or other coloring options during the mixing process.
  3. Pour the mixture into the mold, gently tapping it to remove any trapped air bubbles.
  4. Allow your creation to cure for 30-60 minutes, depending on the temperature.
  5. After full curing (around 24 hours), feel free to sand your item to achieve your desired finish.
  6. For an extra touch of personalization, add color using Decorete acid stain, acrylic, water, or oil-based colors.
  7. Seal your masterpiece with options like Deco Bond, Deco Resin, or Deco Seal after the final curing.

Pro Tip: To ensure a smooth mix, add powder to water, not the other way around. Some molds may require a lubricant, and removing air bubbles before curing is essential.


Terrazzo Mix 200: Scent Stone is available in two convenient packages: 1 kg and 5 kg pails.

Safety and Health

Terrazzo Mix 200 – Scent Stone is safe for use. However, as a precaution, always wear personal protective equipment like gloves and goggles when handling it.

Ancillary Products

Enhance and protect your creations with ancillary products such as Deco Bond, Deco Resin, and Deco Seal, or explore various coloring options with Decorete pigments, acid stains, and other pigments.


For in-depth information and application guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact The Technical Advisory Department.


Rest assured that Decorete® stands behind its products. To benefit from the warranty, use and apply the products strictly according to the provided instructions. In any case, Decorete®’s responsibility shall not exceed either the refund of the purchase price or the replacement of the purchased product.

Remember, Terrazzo Mix 200: Scent Stone is a product that not only unlocks your artistic potential but also allows you to infuse fragrance into your creations. It’s safe, versatile, and designed to empower the creative spirit within you. Craft, scent, and express with Terrazzo Mix 200 Scent Stone. Get started on your artistic journey today.


Drying Time: 30-60 minutes

Full Curing: 24 hours

Available Colors: White and Sandy

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1 kg, 5 kg

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