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Metallic Pigment-Mica

Discover the enchantment of Decorete Metallic Pigment – special effect pigments crafted with coated mica
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Metallic Pigment-Mica


Elevate Epoxy Aesthetics with Decorete Metallic Pigment

Civil Engineers, architects, and craftsmen, immerse your epoxy projects in brilliance with Decorete Metallic Pigment. These special effect pigments, formulated with coated mica nanoparticles, introduce a unique aspect and depth effect, creating finishes that transcend the ordinary.

Key Features

Special Effect Composed of Coated Mica Nanoparticles

Decorete Metallic Pigments are not just pigments; they are a work of art. Composed of coated mica nanoparticles, these pigments bring a special effect to your epoxy creations, creating finishes with depth and character.

Ideal for Various Epoxy Applications

Crafted with versatility in mind, Decorete Metallic Pigments are perfect for resinous interior floorings, epoxy resin crafts, and resin-based coatings. Whether you’re working on a commercial flooring project or creating intricate resin crafts, these pigments deliver unparalleled results.

Dramatic Color Effect Through Light Interference

Experience the magic of light interference and absorption as Decorete Metallic Pigments, when blended with clear epoxy resin products, create a pearlescent finish with a dramatic color effect. Watch your epoxy creations come to life with brilliance that captivates.

Spectrum of Available Colors

Choose from a spectrum of colors to match your design vision. From the classic elegance of Black to the boldness of Copper and the ethereal beauty of Vinous, Decorete Metallic Pigments offer a diverse range including Blue, Brown, Gold Dark, Gold Light, Gold Medium, Green, Pink, and White.

To achieve optimal results, follow these steps:
  1. Premix Part A:
    • Mix part A individually at low speed (300-450 rpm) for two minutes.
    • Add Decorete metallic pigments in part A.
    • Mix for two minutes or more until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
  2. Combine Part A and Part B:
    • In a clean container, combine part A to part B.
    • Mix thoroughly for three minutes or more until a completely homogeneous mixture is obtained.
    • Use a low-speed drill-type mixer (300-450 rpm) to minimize air entrapment in the product.
  3. Activation and Mixing:
    • Activate the mixer in reverse mode after the first 90 seconds.
    • Scrape sides and bottom of the mixing container to ensure no unmixed material remains.
  4. Quantity and Container Options:
    • Only mix the quantity of product required depending on the pot life and working time.
    • Decorete Metallic pigments are available in 50gm and 100gm plastic containers.

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