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Deco Stain- Concrete Colorant

Explore Deco Stain, a concrete acid stain offering vibrant colors like Antique Gold and Smokey
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Deco Stain- Concrete Colorant


Elevate Architectural Aesthetics with Deco Stain

Welcome to a new era of concrete design – welcome to Deco Stain. This revolutionary concrete acid stain is meticulously formulated to deliver a permanent and transformative impact on cement-containing products. From intricate architectural details to expansive structural elements, Deco Stain offers Civil Engineers, interior designers, and artisans in Jordan a versatile and enduring solution for elevating surfaces.

Key Features

Permanent Color Enhancement

Deco Stain transcends temporary solutions, providing Civil Engineers, interior designers, and artisans the ability to permanently enhance the color of concrete surfaces. The stain penetrates the surface, creating rich and nuanced hues that stand the test of time.

Diverse Color Palette

Choose from a palette of six captivating colors to match the aesthetic requirements of your architectural projects. From the opulence of Antique Gold to the contemporary sleekness of Smokey Granite, Deco Stain offers a range of options for creative expression.

Multiple Sizes for Flexibility

Recognizing the diverse scales of Civil Engineering, interior designers, and artisans in Jordan projects, Deco Stain offers three convenient sizes—250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml. Whether working on detailed designs or extensive structures, find the perfect size to suit your needs.

Easy Application with Concrete Acid Stain Technology

Deco Stain employs advanced concrete acid stain technology, ensuring seamless integration with the cement surface. This not only simplifies the application process but also guarantees a uniform and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Explore the Color Palette:

Antique Gold: Add a touch of opulence to your architectural designs with the shimmering richness of Antique Gold.

Chestnut: Infuse warmth and richness into your structures with Chestnut, a color that enhances the natural beauty of concrete.

Ebony Stone: Make a bold statement with Ebony Stone, a deep and sophisticated color that adds drama and character to architectural elements.

Rustic Fieldstone: Evoke the charm of rustic landscapes with Rustic Fieldstone, a versatile shade that complements various architectural themes.

Smokey Granite: Achieve a contemporary and sleek look with Smokey Granite, a modern choice for sophisticated architectural surfaces.

Weathered: Capture the essence of time with Weathered, a color that imparts a weathered patina, bringing a sense of history and character to architectural creations.


Product Name: Deco Stain

Type: Concrete acid stain

Sizes Available: 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml

Colors: Antique Gold, Chestnut, Ebony Stone, Rustic Fieldstone, Smokey Granite, Weathered Application:

Permanent color enhancement for cement-containing products