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Deco Resin 2103 Clear Epoxy

Elevate woodworking with Deco Resin 2103, an epoxy casting resin for Civil Engineers, designers, architects,
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Deco Resin 2103 Clear Epoxy


Deco Resin 2103: Crafting Masterpieces with Every Pour

Welcome to the world of crafting mastery with Deco Resin 2103, a two-component epoxy casting resin meticulously crafted for Civil Engineers, interior designers, architects, and craftsmen in Jordan, who seek to transform their woodworking projects into timeless masterpieces. Whether you’re envisioning the beauty of river tables, the functionality of furniture, or the intricacy of artistic crafts, Deco Resin 2103 is your gateway to a world of possibilities.

Key Features:

1. Perfect for Large Pours: Deco Resin 2103 is purpose-built for ambitious projects, offering the flexibility to handle thick and large pours ranging from 5-10 cm. This feature caters specifically to the creative aspirations of Jordanian Civil Engineers, allowing them to bring their grand visions to life.

2. Easy Application: Craftsmanship meets simplicity with Deco Resin 2103. The easy application process ensures that even intricate projects are executed with professional finesse. The extended open time provides ample flexibility, allowing Civil Engineers to perfect every detail with ease.

3. Crystal-Clear Finish: A hallmark of excellence, Deco Resin 2103 delivers a crystal-clear finish that enhances the aesthetic appeal of woodworking projects. The clarity of the resin allows the natural beauty of wood to shine through, creating visually stunning masterpieces.

4. UV Resistant for Jordanian Climate: Tailored for the Jordanian market, Deco Resin 2103 is not just a resin; it’s a shield against the elements. The UV-resistant formula not only protects against sun exposure but also imparts a pleasing citrus scent. This feature ensures longevity in the harsh Jordanian climate.

5. Versatile Crafting Possibilities: Imagination knows no bounds with Deco Resin 2103. The resin is waterproof, heat-resistant, and chemical-resistant, providing a versatile canvas for crafting. Experiment with tinting using metallic or glow pigments for solid colors, or explore transparent dyes for a mesmerizing colored glass effect.

6. Turning and Finishing Options: Deco Resin 2103 goes beyond the pour; it opens avenues for turning projects. Finished castings can be turned on a lathe, allowing Civil Engineers to explore additional woodworking dimensions. The water, heat, and chemical resistance ensure the longevity of turned creations.

Crafting with Confidence:

For Civil Engineers in Jordan, Deco Resin 2103 is more than a resin; it’s a symbol of craftsmanship, innovation, and limitless possibilities. The slow-curing formula prevents overheating during the curing process, ensuring flawless finishes in every project, from river tables to intricate woodcrafts.

As you embark on your woodworking journey, let Deco Resin 2103 be your trusted companion, bringing your creative visions to life with ease, clarity, and durability. Elevate your woodworking endeavors with the ultimate epoxy casting resin tailored for Civil Engineers, interior designers, architects, and craftsmen in Jordan.


  • Product Name: Deco Resin 2103
  • Type: Clear Epoxy Casting Resin
  • Sizes: 15Kg (10kg A + 5kg B), 1.5Kg (1kg A + 0.5kg B)