Deco Plaster 201

Ready Mixed Plaster Base Coat - 50 kg Bag
JOD 5.50

Deco Plaster 201


Deco plaster 201 is a dry, factory blended plaster mix specifically designed to conform to ASTM C926 requirements for plaster applications. Deco plaster 201 is a complete product requiring only the addition of water. Deco plaster 201 has excellent pumping and troweling properties.


Deco plaster 201 is applied on code conforming lath assemblies. Deco plaster 201 is used as a second coat (brown) in a three-coat system or over properly prepared masonry and concrete surfaces as a second coat in a two-coat system


  • Factory controlled blending for consistent results on the job
  • Convenience of handling and transporting one Product.
  • Easy handling on difficult access and multi-story Jobs.
  • Excellent workability
  • Reduced shrinkage cracking
  • No contamination from on-site sand piles
  • Excellent compressive and flexural strength

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