Deco Plaster 202

Deco Plaster 202: Cutting-edge cement-based mortar for Jordanian Civil Engineers. Ideal for splatter dash coating,
JOD 6.50

Deco Plaster 202


Precision in Every Coat: Deco Plaster 202

Deco Plaster 202 stands as the pinnacle solution crafted for Civil Engineers in Jordan. With a focus on precision and reliability, this cement-based polymer-modified mortar brings unparalleled advantages to construction projects of all sizes.

Key Features:

  1. Factory-Controlled Blending: Deco Plaster 202 is born from meticulous factory-controlled blending, guaranteeing a consistent mix for reliable results on every project.
  2. Convenience Redefined: Simplify your construction process with the convenience of handling a single product. Deco Plaster 202 eliminates the need for multiple components, making it perfect for challenging, multi-story projects.
  3. Easy Handling on Difficult Access: Navigate difficult access points effortlessly with Deco Plaster 202. Its easy handling is a valuable asset on projects where accessibility is a challenge, ensuring precision in every corner.
  4. Excellent Workability: Enjoy the smooth application of Deco Plaster 202, making it a pleasure to work with. Whether on walls or ceilings, its excellent workability guarantees a professional finish with minimal effort.
  5. Superior Bonding: Achieve superior bonding on various substrates, including concrete, brick, and masonry. Deco Plaster 202 establishes a robust key action, enhancing overall strength and durability.
Elevating Construction Excellence: Best Practices

Surface Preparation: Ensure the substrate is clean, debris-free, and adequately primed for optimal bonding with Deco Plaster 202.

Application Technique: Apply Deco Plaster 202 with precision using the recommended splatter dash technique, setting the stage for a seamless transition to the brown coat.

Consistent Thickness: Maintain a consistent thickness during application for uniform results, enhancing aesthetics and contributing to overall structural integrity.

In summary, Deco Plaster 202 is not just a mortar; it’s a precision-engineered solution designed to meet the specific needs of Civil Engineers in Jordan. From controlled blending to unmatched workability and bonding strength, this product redefines excellence in construction. Elevate your projects with the reliability and convenience of Deco Plaster 202—where precision meets performance.

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