Deco Plaster 103

Deco Plaster 103: High-quality stucco finish coat. Enhances durability and weatherproofing of concrete and masonry.
JOD 12.00

Deco Plaster 103


Deco Plaster 103 – Textured Stucco Finish for Timeless Appeal

Revitalize your surfaces with Deco Plaster 103, a premium dry, pre-blended, textured stucco finish coat designed to bring an artistic touch to your spaces. Crafted from high-quality Portland cement, this finish not only enhances the weatherproofing of surfaces but also introduces a level of decorative sophistication that stands out.

Key Features:

  1. Textured Stucco Finish: Deco Plaster 103 provides a unique textured stucco finish that adds depth and character to surfaces, turning them into works of art.
  2. Weatherproof and Decorative: Enhance the weatherproofing capabilities of concrete and masonry while adding a decorative element that elevates the visual appeal of any space.
  3. Easy Application: Mixes effortlessly with potable water, allowing for easy application using a trowel or spray, giving you flexibility in your finishing techniques.
  4. Available in Pre-mixed Colors: Choose from a wide range of pre-mixed colors to match your aesthetic preferences. Custom colors are also available for a personalized touch.
  5. High Durability: Enjoy surfaces that not only look good but also withstand the test of time with Deco Plaster 103’s high durability.
  6. Consistent Uniformly Colored Finish: Achieve a consistently uniform finish, ensuring that every application reflects the intended coloration.
  7. Excellent Bond: Experience superior bonding capabilities, ensuring that Deco Plaster 103 adheres seamlessly to various surfaces.
  8. Fiber Reinforcement Option: Opt for fiber reinforcement to enhance flexural strength and resist cracking, providing added resilience to your surfaces.

Deco Plaster 103 transforms surfaces into works of art with its textured stucco finish. Crafted from premium Portland cement. Elevate your spaces with Deco Plaster 103 for enduring elegance.


  • Interior and Exterior Surfaces
  • Formed or Precast Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Cement Plaster, Stucco Brown Coats

Transform your spaces with Deco Plaster 103, where every finish is a masterpiece. Elevate your surfaces to new heights of sophistication, durability, and timeless elegance. Order now for a transformative stucco finish that leaves a lasting impression.

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