Deco Plaster 101

Deco Plaster 101: Dry, pre-blended stucco coat empowers Civil Engineers in Jordan. Easy mix, versatile,
JOD 18.00

Deco Plaster 101


Where Art Meets Durability: Deco Plaster 101

Discover the art of stucco finishes with Deco Plaster 101. This pre-blended, weatherproof coat delivers textured excellence for concrete and masonry. Explore a spectrum of colors, harnessing high durability and easy application for unmatched results. Elevate your surfaces with Deco Plaster 101!

Key Features:

  1. Textured Stucco Finish: Introducing the beauty of textured stucco finishes. Deco Plaster 101 allows Civil Engineers to elevate surfaces with a touch of artistry, creating visually appealing and weather-resistant exteriors.
  2. Weatherproof and Decorative: Unleash the power of weatherproofing and decoration in one. Deco Plaster 101 not only protects against the elements but also transforms surfaces into captivating architectural masterpieces.
  3. Easy Mixing with Potable Water: Simplify your workflow with easy mixing. Deco Plaster 101 effortlessly blends with potable water, ensuring a hassle-free preparation process for Civil Engineers.

Elevating Application Methods

Versatile Application:

Whether you prefer the precision of trowel application or the efficiency of spray application, Deco Plaster 101 caters to your preferences. Enjoy versatility that aligns with the demands of your projects.

Available in Pre-Mixed Colors:

Explore a palette of pre-mixed colors, adding vibrancy to your architectural creations. Deco Plaster 101 offers a spectrum of hues, allowing you to unleash your creativity.

High Durability:

Built to withstand the test of time, Deco Plaster 101 boasts high durability. Its resilience ensures that your textured stucco finishes maintain their integrity and aesthetics over the years.

Consistent Uniformly Colored Finish:

Achieve perfection with every application. Deco Plaster 101 delivers a consistent, uniformly colored finish, eliminating the variations often encountered in traditional stucco finishes.

Excellent Bond:

Forge a lasting bond between surfaces and the stucco finish. Deco Plaster 101 ensures excellent adhesion, contributing to the longevity of your architectural creations.

Fiber Reinforcement for Added Strength:

Opt for fiber reinforcement to enhance flexural strength and crack resistance. Deco Plaster 101 provides options to elevate the structural robustness of your finishes.

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