Deco Guard AR


Deco Guard AR is water based acrylic compound designed to cure fresh colored plaster and provide a protection against weathering conditions.
Deco Guard AR reduces water absorption by 80% as opposed to untreated surfaces, and improves stain resistance.
Deco Guard AR binds sand and cement particles to form a tough, flexible yet breathable film.
Deco Guard AR strengthens mortar joints, reduces efflorescence on brick and acts as a color rejuvenator on older painted or colored surfaces


Deco Guard AR can be used for the following applications:
• Top coat for all Decorete® Architectural Coatings
• Sealer for masonry and concrete substrates.
• Interior and exterior application.
• All locations where a clear weather shield is desired


• Cures fresh stucco without the need for water
• Reduce water absorption significantly.
• Protects from carbonation
• Resists mildew and fungus growth
• Outstanding color retention
• Highly durable
• Breathable
• Excellent resistance to dirt pick up.
• Excellent freeze/thaw stability and general excellent Weather ability

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