Deco Guard AR Concrete Sealer

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Experience Deco Guard AR, a water-based acrylic compound for curing and sealing. Perfect for Civil Engineers, designers, and craftsmen in Jordan.

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A Revolution in Curing and Sealing

Civil Engineers, interior designers, architects, and craftsmen in Jordan embark on a journey of innovation with Deco Guard AR, your all-in-one solution for curing and sealing. This water-based acrylic compound transcends conventional expectations, offering a myriad of advantages to enhance the longevity and resilience of your architectural coatings.

Key Features

Curing and Sealing Excellence

Deco Guard AR goes beyond expectations, serving as a curing and sealing compound of unparalleled excellence. Specifically designed for fresh colored plaster, it ensures a smooth and protected finish.

Superior Water Absorption Reduction

Experience a groundbreaking reduction in water absorption by 80% compared to untreated surfaces. Deco Guard AR acts as a fortress, safeguarding your structures against the damaging effects of moisture.

Strengthened Mortar Joints

Say goodbye to weak mortar joints. Deco Guard AR binds sand and cement particles, forming a tough and flexible film that strengthens mortar joints, ensuring the structural integrity of your projects.

Efflorescence Reduction on Brick

Bid farewell to efflorescence on brick surfaces. Deco Guard AR actively reduces efflorescence, maintaining the pristine appearance of your structures and minimizing maintenance efforts.


  • Top coat for all Decorete Architectural Coatings.
  • Sealer for masonry and concrete substrates.
  • Interior and exterior applications.
  • Any location demanding a clear weather shield.

Color Rejuvenation for Older Surfaces

Revitalize older painted or colored surfaces with Deco Guard AR. Acting as a color rejuvenator, it breathes new life into aged structures, preserving their aesthetic appeal.

Versatile Applications for Comprehensive Protection

Deco Guard AR isn’t limited by application constraints; it’s designed for versatility. Whether as a top coat for all Decorete Architectural Coatings, a sealer for masonry and concrete substrates, or for interior and exterior applications, it emerges as the go-to solution for any location demanding a clear and robust weather shield.

In a world where architectural coatings demand resilience, innovation, and uncompromised protection, Deco Guard AR stands as the embodiment of these ideals. Elevate your projects with a compound where durability seamlessly meets cutting-edge technology, ensuring your creations stand as testaments to both innovation and endurance.

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