Deco Guard SB

Penetrating Water repellent - 20 Liter Pail

Deco Guard SB


Deco Guard SB is a silicon Solvent base water repellent mixture of silane /siloxane and synthetic resins. It is used to import both water repellency and oil repellency to inorganic substrates such as mineral constructions.


Deco Guard SB protects masonry and other building materials against damage due to penetration by water and waterborne chemicals.

Deco Guard SB is used on neutral and alkaline mineral substrates such as:

  • Brickwork
  • Mineral-based natural and artificial stone
  • All kinds of concrete
  • Mineral plasters
  • Suitable as primer for exterior paints.


  • 100% vapor Permeable
  • Good depth of penetration.
  • High alkaline resistance.
  • Effective even on damp substrates.
  • Water repellency develops fast
  • Allows substrate to breath
  • Does not change the appearance of substrate

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