Deco Finish

Get flawless, long-lasting walls with Deco Finish. Its smooth, water-repellent, damp-resistant white cement-based formula enhances
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Deco Finish


Deco Finish – Unleashing the Beauty of Smooth Walls

Elevate your wall aesthetics to new heights with Deco Finish, a white cement-based putty meticulously designed to create flawless walls. Beyond its role as a finish, Deco Finish embodies durability, water resistance, and aesthetic enhancement. Discover the versatility of this exceptional putty, suitable for various applications, and witness the true potential of your walls.

Key Features:

1. Smooth Finish: Deco Finish provides a smooth, refined surface, creating an ideal canvas for the application of all types of paints.

2. Water-Repelling Properties: With water-repelling properties, Deco Finish prevents flaking of expensive paints, ensuring longevity and protection against dampness.

3. Versatile Applications: Ideal for rendering, leveling fine plaster, and filling cracks, Deco Finish is a versatile solution for diverse wall preparation needs.

4. Effective Under Time Constraints: Deco Finish proves effective even under severe time constraints, allowing application before the cement plaster is completely dry.

5. Perfect for Wet Conditions: An excellent choice for bathroom, balcony walls, and exterior applications where wet conditions are prevalent.

6. Enhances Expensive Paints: Brings out the true tone and shade of expensive paints, providing protection and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

7. No Primer Coat Required: Deco Finish’s excellent adhesion strength eliminates the need for a primer coat before the application of paint, streamlining the process.

  1. Concrete walls.
  2. Rendered walls.
  3. Hollow blocks.
  4. Pre-cast walls.
  5. Concrete ceilings.
  6. Calcium silicate bricks.
  7. Aerated lightweight blocks.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Available in multiple sizes for convenience.
How to Use Deco Finish:
  1. Ensure the surface is clean and dry.
  2. Apply Deco Finish using a suitable trowel or putty knife.
  3. Achieve the desired smoothness during application.
  4. Allow sufficient drying time before applying paint.

Transform your walls into masterpieces of perfection with Deco Finish. Order now and experience the seamless synergy of durability and aesthetic beauty, setting new standards for wall excellence in every space you create!

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