Deco Grout

Discover Deco Grout: quartz aggregate, Portland cement, & colorfast pigments blend for top-notch grouting. Trusted
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Deco Grout


Deco Grout – Elevating Your Tiling Experience

Deco Grout is more than just a grouting solution; it’s a testament to excellence in craftsmanship. This proven blend of quartz aggregates, Portland cement, colorfast pigments, and proprietary ingredients redefines the standard for cementitious grouting. Whether you’re a seasoned civil engineer or a passionate DIY enthusiast, Deco Grout is your key to achieving superior tiling results.

Key Features:

  1. Meticulously Crafted Blend:
    • Deco Grout is a proven blend, meticulously crafted to ensure superior hardness, consistent color, and durability.
  2. Versatility in Application:
    • Ideal for grouting all types of ceramic tile, ceramic mosaics, porcelain, quarry tile, brick pavers, slate, granite, cultured marble, dimensional stone, and structural glazed tile.
  3. Wide Joint Size Compatibility:
    • Suitable for joint sizes ranging from 3 to 12mm, providing versatility for various tiling projects.
  4. Strength and Endurance:
    • Deco Grout guarantees strength and endurance, ensuring your tiled surfaces withstand the test of time.
  5. Colorfast Pigments:
    • The inclusion of colorfast pigments ensures a consistently uniform color across your tiled surfaces.
  6. Bag Size:
    • Conveniently packaged in a 15 kg bag, making it easy to handle and store for your tiling projects.

Application Excellence

Deco Grout transforms your tiling projects into lasting masterpieces. It is designed to meet the demands of professionals in the field of civil engineering and the discerning eyes of DIY enthusiasts. From ceramic tiles to granite and structural glazed tiles, Deco Grout ensures a seamless finish that stands the test of time.

Elevate Your Tiling Experience with Deco Grout

When it comes to cementitious grouting, Deco Grout emerges as the trusted choice. Elevate your tiling experience with a product that combines craftsmanship, durability, and visual appeal. Deco Grout is not just a solution; it’s a statement of excellence in tiling.

Deco Grout, the trusted name in cementitious grouting, presents a superior solution for ceramic tiles, mosaics, porcelain, and more. Crafted with precision using top-quality materials, Deco Grout guarantees hardness, uniform color, and durability, elevating your tiling experience to new heights.


  • Type: Cementitious Tiles & Ceramics Grout.
  • Joint Size Compatibility: 3 to 12mm.
  • Packaging: 15 Kg Bag.

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