Polished Concrete

The main advantage of polished concrete flooring is its ability to look elegant and classy even with no laborious processes like waxing required .With a lot of advances in the field of techniques and equipment in floor polishing, concrete flooring can now be grinded, which means its finish can be very high in gloss without the need for coatings and waxes.

Moreover, concrete is very durable and can withstand a lot of traffic and wear and tear , this type of concrete flooring can also be stained so that it wouldn’t look too plain, and can look polished and high end .Polishing concrete and using it for floors is not just restricted to that kind of treatment, and as mentioned, staining. Colored aggregate can also be added to the concrete mix or placed on the top portion of the concrete layer. Once the polishing process is done, these aggregate will be revealed, adding more character to the polished surface. Colored concrete can also be used so that the surface will come more alive.