Terrazzo Flooring

With the elegance and easy maintenance properties that terrazzo flooring has, it is no wonder why this type of surface has risen in popularity, especially for those who want to add a Mediterranean touch to their homes or establishments.

Terrazzo is also referred to as Venetian mosaic, and is composed of chippings of stone, usually marble or granite that are settled into a mixture of resin or concrete that turns hard and makes a very durable material for the floor. Because of the cost of the stone chippings and the concrete or resin mixture.

Terrazzo flooring will look beautiful and will last for years if done by experts and professionals. Decorete , a leading concrete solutions company, has all the expertise equipment and materials necessary to make the end result Terrazzo floor as beautiful and durable as possible. it is perfect for those who are looking for flooring that is easy to maintain and very durable. It also maintains its nice look even when installed in areas with high traffic like kitchens, foyers, living rooms and hallways.