Exposed Aggregates for Flooring

Exposed decorative aggregate treatment for floors has become consistently popular among building owners and construction experts because of its certain advantages .For example, the effects of the decorative aggregate bring look very natural and pleasant but at a very affordable cost. There are only a few materials needed to achieve this look, including aggregate, a sprayer, a surface retardant and a hose, that’s all. the procedure for applying the aggregate is pretty easy and straightforward, making for the entire project to be done quickly.

Moreover, there are so many types of aggregates available for consideration, with various colors, shapes and sizes, the choice of which can rest entirely on the aesthetic sensibilities of the building owner or construction professional. Aggregate floors also complement with other surfaces like decorative concrete or stucco, so there is really no aesthetic clash that may happen.

Lastly, what is a great relief for people who will need to do property maintenance is that this surface does not need major procedures for its upkeep, except for water hosing once in a while and resealing every three or so years.

Projects using this pattern