Deco Top 250

Deco Top 250: Ready-to-use dry shake color hardener enhances concrete surfaces with lasting color and
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Deco Top 250


Where Artistry Meets Resilience: Deco Top 250

Elevate your projects with streak-free, vibrantly colored surfaces that resist wear, endure weather fluctuations, and captivate with enhanced light reflection. Discover the fusion of strength and aesthetics for interior and exterior concrete floors.

Deco Top 250 is not just a color hardener; it’s a visionary solution for Civil Engineers and designers alike. This ready-to-use, streak-free formulation seamlessly integrates into freshly placed concrete, offering an array of benefits that redefine the possibilities of concrete surfaces.

Key Features

  1. Streak-Free Brilliance: Deco Top 250 ensures a streak-free application, guaranteeing a flawless, vibrant color that transforms concrete into a canvas of aesthetic excellence.
  2. Wear and Weather Resistance: Embrace the fusion of artistry and resilience. This color hardener enhances the surface’s durability, making it impervious to wear, weather fluctuations, and the challenges posed by heavy traffic.
  3. Architectural Simulation: Bring your design visions to life. Deco Top 250 is a go-to choice for floor hardening and coloring in imprinted (stamped) concrete applications. Simulate the rich textures of brick, stone, tile, slate, and more with ease.
  4. Versatile Applications: Whether it’s an institutional, industrial, commercial, or residential setting, Deco Top 250 excels. It’s tailored for both interior and exterior flat concrete floors, delivering a workhorse surface with abrasion resistance, captivating colors, and enhanced light reflection.
Achieving Architectural Masterpieces

Stamped Concrete Excellence:

  • Combine with Decorete® Stamping Mats and Antiquing Release Agent for impeccable stamped concrete designs.
  • Seal the deal with our high solids acrylic clear sealer for long-lasting allure.

Institutional, Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Prowess:

  • From schools and hospitals to industrial facilities and residential spaces, Deco Top 250 leaves an indelible mark.

In conclusion, Deco Top 250 is your passport to a world where concrete surfaces blend aesthetics with durability seamlessly. From streak-free brilliance to wear and weather resistance, this color hardener is a versatile solution for a spectrum of applications. Let your concrete projects in Jordan tell a story of endurance, artistry, and lasting allure.

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