Deco Top 250

Dry Shake Color  Hardener - 30 kg Bag
JOD 10.00

Deco Top 250


Deco Top 250 is ready to use, streak free, dry shake Color Hardener.

Deco Top 250 is formulated to be easily integrated into the surface of freshly placed concrete.

Deco Top 250 densifies the surface of the slab, increases its resistance to wear, freeze and thaw cycles, heavy traffic and enhances light reflecting while greatly improving its appearance.


Deco Top 250 is regularly used as a floor hardening and coloring agent with flat work and imprinted (stamped) concrete to simulate the look of brick stone, tile, slate, etc. When used with Decorete® Stamping Mats, Antiquing Release Agent and our high solids acrylic clear sealer, an authentic architectural design is achieved on the concrete.

Deco Top 250 is also used in institutional, industrial, commercial and residential applications for interior & exterior flat concrete floors where a workhorse, abrasion resistance, colored or light reflecting floor is desired.

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