Deco Top 220

Deco Top 220: Ready-to-use cement-based topping. Fast-track polishing. High-strength finish. Ideal for interior and exterior.
JOD 60.00

Deco Top 220


Deco Top 220 – Elevate Surfaces with Lasting Elegance

Rediscover the potential of your concrete surfaces with Deco Top 220, a one-component, ready-to-use, Portland cement-based topping designed for the fast-track polishing and fine resurfacing of concrete. As a thin-section, decorative coating system, Deco Top 220 not only provides an attractive finish but also offers versatility, resiliency, and minimal maintenance.

Key Features:

  1. Attractive Decorative Finish: Deco Top 220 brings aesthetic finesse to concrete surfaces, creating an attractive finish that catches the eye.
  2. High Strength, Resists High Foot Traffic: Experience durability that withstands high foot traffic, making Deco Top 220 ideal for areas that demand resilience.
  3. Exterior and Interior Surfaces: Versatile application for both exterior and interior surfaces, providing a cohesive aesthetic across diverse spaces.
  4. Extensive Colors, Designs, and Textures: Explore a range of integral colors, stains, sealers, and texture options to customize the appearance of your surfaces.
  5. Creates a New Concrete Canvas for Architectural Accents: Deco Top 220 serves as a canvas for architectural accents, allowing for creative expression in various projects.
  6. Variegated Hues, Concrete-Like Appearance: Achieve variegated hues and a concrete-like appearance, adding depth and dimension to each application.
  7. Fast Drying, Quick Re-coat Time: Experience efficiency with fast-drying properties and a quick re-coat time, ensuring a streamlined application process.
  8. Feathers to Zero Thickness: Achieve seamless transitions with the ability to feather to zero thickness, allowing for precision in resurfacing.
Ideal for Various Applications:
  • Restoration Projects
  • Theme Parks
  • Designer Floor Surfacing
  • Museums
  • Retail Stores
  • Commercial Office Spaces
  • Outlet Centers
Elevate Your Spaces with Deco Top 220

Deco Top 220 goes beyond resurfacing; it transforms surfaces into lasting statements of style. Ideal for restoration projects, theme parks, museums, and commercial spaces, this decorative coating system offers a concrete-like appearance with unmatched strength. Elevate your concrete surfaces with Deco Top 220—where aesthetics meets endurance.

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