Deco Repair F

Explore Deco Repair F: one-component cement compound for Civil Engineers. Fast-drying, non-corrosive formula for efficient
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Deco Repair F


Elevating Wall Repairs with Deco Repair F

In the dynamic landscape of Civil Engineering, Deco Repair F stands out as a revolutionary solution, presenting a one-component polymer-modified cementitious compound that aligns seamlessly with the precision and efficiency required by construction projects. This fine mortar, requiring only the addition of water, caters to the nuanced demands of concrete and masonry surfaces.

Key Features

Precision in Application

Deco Repair F is engineered to meet the demands of Civil Engineers who prioritize precision. As a one-component polymer-modified compound, it guarantees a consistent and controlled application, ensuring that the repair process aligns precisely with project specifications.

Efficiency in Project Timelines

In construction projects, time is a critical factor, and Deco Repair F addresses this need head-on. With its fast-drying nature, this compound accelerates the repair process, enabling Civil Engineers to meet deadlines and enhance overall project efficiency.

Versatility in Applications

From addressing cracked walls to contributing to new constructions, Deco Repair F showcases its versatility. Civil Engineers can rely on this compound for a spectrum of applications, including rehabilitation, new construction, and various concrete and masonry repairs.

Safety and Quality Assurance

Safety is paramount, and Deco Repair F prioritizes this aspect. Being non-corrosive and free from harmful substances, it provides a safe working environment for Civil Engineers, ensuring the well-being of both professionals and the project.

Practical Solutions for Civil Engineering Projects

Deco Repair F seamlessly integrates into various Civil Engineering projects. Whether it’s repairing cracked walls, addressing peeled surfaces, or contributing to new constructions, this compound adapts to the unique demands of each application.

Cost and Time Efficiency

In the realm of Civil Engineering, where time is equivalent to money, Deco Repair F emerges as a cost-effective solution. It saves both time and money by offering quick repairs and eliminating the need for extensive renovations.


  • Composition: One-component polymer-modified cementitious compound
  • Thickness: Featheredge to 6 mm
  • Safety: Non-corrosive, does not contain harmful substances
  • Drying Time: Fast-drying for quick results
  • Applications: Ideal for cracked walls, peeled surfaces, new construction, and various concrete and masonry repairs in Civil Engineering projects.