Deco Crete

Discover Deco Crete: pre-blended shotcrete for Civil Engineers. High-quality materials for efficient structure rehab. Preferred
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Deco Crete


Revolutionizing Dry Mix Shotcrete for Jordanian

Introducing Deco Crete, a groundbreaking dry mix shotcrete solution that redefines construction standards. Tailored for Civil Engineers in Jordan, this pre-blended, pre-packaged marvel is engineered with precision, featuring high early Portland cement, silica fume, air-entraining admixture, and carefully selected aggregates. Deco Crete takes center stage, offering unparalleled shooting characteristics and physical properties.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Formulation:Deco Crete’s formula is a masterpiece, ensuring the perfect blend of high early Portland cement, silica fume, air-entraining admixture, and blended aggregates. The result is a dry-process shotcrete material with shooting characteristics that set new benchmarks in the industry.
  2. Versatile Applications:From rehabilitating concrete structures like bridges, dams, and subway tunnels to lining sewers and water mains, Deco Crete proves its versatility. It excels in new construction tasks such as slope stabilization, soil-nailing, and the construction of pools, offering a comprehensive solution for diverse engineering needs.
  3. Steel Fiber Compatibility:Deco Crete stands out with its compatibility with steel fiber reinforcement, enhancing load-carrying capacity in construction projects. This adaptability provides an additional layer of strength, meeting the demanding requirements of modern engineering practices.
  4. Convenient Packaging:Available in 30 kg packages, Deco Crete prioritizes ease of use. Civil Engineers can seamlessly integrate this advanced dry mix shotcrete into their projects, benefiting from both efficiency and convenience during the construction process.

Elevate Your Construction Experience:

Deco Crete excels in the rehabilitation of structures, ensuring longevity and durability in concrete bridges, dams, reservoirs, marine structures, and parking ramps. Its enhanced shooting characteristics make it the preferred choice for precision work in demanding environments.

New Construction Mastery:

For new construction endeavors, Deco Crete takes the lead in slope stabilization, soil-nailing, shaft and tunnel linings, as well as the construction of pools and various concrete structures. Its versatility aligns with the diverse needs of modern construction projects.

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