Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo Floors

With the elegance and easy maintenance properties that terrazzo flooring has, it is no wonder why this type of surface has risen in popularity, especially for those who want to add a Mediterranean touch to their homes or establishments.

Terrazzo is also referred to as Venetian mosaic, and is composed of chippings of stone, usually marble or granite that are settled into a mixture of resin or concrete that turns hard and makes a very durable material for the floor. Because of the cost of the stone chippings and the concrete or resin mixture,

Terrazzo is not exactly the most affordable hard flooring type available; act it is on the high end of flooring materials. Moreover, it would require the expertise of a professional to install, which only adds to the cost. Yet, this type of flooring has become more and more popular, especially in settings that benefit from a thoroughly modern look that also has a hint of Old World charm.Knowing if this type of flooring is beneficial for your space would depend on what factors you think are important.

For those who are looking for flooring that is easy to maintain and very durable, than Terrazzo is a very good choice. It also maintains its nice look even when installed in areas with high traffic like kitchens, foyers, living rooms and hallways.

There’s a very contemporary look that this type of flooring lends to the space where it is in. There are not a lot of disadvantages in this type of flooring, like its tendency to remain cold, because of its lack of cushioning.Moreover, it has no properties for absorbing sound, so it can be a bit noisy when used in high traffic areas. The cost of Terrazzo flooring can be considered a disadvantage, but then considering its beauty and durability, it should be considered an investment.Terrazzo is classified into different kinds, including thin set, sand cushion, bonded and rustic.

Thin set terrazzo, also known as epoxy terrazzo is a resin veneer measuring ¼ or 3/8 inches set in a slab of concrete. This type of terrazzo is ideal for manufacturing facilities, hospitals and laboratories since it is resistant to chemicals spilled on it. Meanwhile, sand cushion terrazzo has a layer of sand separating the concrete substrate and the terrazzo surface. On the other hand, the thickness of the bonded terrazzo is adjustable, making it fine for use even in vertical surfaces. Lastly, rustic terrazzo is available in different patterns, textures and colors, it is ideal for use in exterior floors.

Materials present in terrazzo make the product very heavy. Before it is installed, it must be assured that the floor can handle the material’s weight. This is the reason why installation of Terrazzo would be best done by professionals instead of being done as a DIY project. A waterproof membrane should be put into the wooden sub-floor to prevent rotting, as a cement binder will be used.

Cement is then placed and the aggregates are imbedded into the cement, which should still be wet. The, the floor surface should be smoothened with trowels. Machinery for grinding is utilized once the cement is dry for the surface to become more level and smoother. After the surface is polished and cleaned, a thin layer of sealant is applied.

Terrazzo flooring will look beautiful and will last for years if done by experts and professionals. Decorete, a leading concrete solutions company, has all the expertise equipment and materials necessary to make the end result Terrazzo floor as beautiful and durable as possible.