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Deco Top 200: Ready-to-use dry shake hardener fortifies concrete floors against wear, enhances light reflection. Ideal for various applications.

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The Concrete Revolution: Deco Top 200

Unleash the potential of your concrete floors with Deco Top 200, a revolutionary non-metallic dry shake hardener meticulously crafted for Civil Engineers in Jordan. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates into freshly placed concrete, turning ordinary surfaces into enduring works of art.

Key Features

  1. Wear Resistance Redefined: Deco Top 200 is not just a hardener; it’s a shield against wear. Elevate your concrete floors, making them impervious to the strains of daily use, ensuring longevity without compromising on aesthetics.
  2. Freeze and Thaw Resilience: The Jordanian climate demands robust materials. Deco Top 200 fortifies concrete, providing unparalleled resistance against the challenges posed by freeze and thaw cycles.
  3. Traffic Toughness: In institutional, industrial, commercial, and residential settings, high traffic is inevitable. Deco Top 200 transforms your concrete floors into workhorses, withstanding the rigors of heavy footfalls and machinery.
  4. Light Reflecting Brilliance: Illuminate your spaces with enhanced light reflection. Deco Top 200 doesn’t just protect; it adds a reflective glow to your concrete surfaces, creating an ambiance of sophistication.
  5. Aesthetic Enhancement: Concrete strength meets visual appeal. Deco Top 200 doesn’t just harden; it elevates the appearance of your concrete floors, turning them into a testament to both form and function.


Institutional Spaces: Schools, hospitals, and public buildings benefit from the durability and aesthetic enhancement Deco Top 200 offers.

Industrial Zones: Withstand the demands of heavy machinery and constant activity in industrial settings.

Commercial Complexes: Elevate the flooring of shops and commercial spaces, where aesthetics and durability are paramount.

Residential Projects: Bring the strength of Deco Top 200 to homes, ensuring floors that stand the test of time.

In conclusion, Deco Top 200 is not just a hardener; it’s a transformative solution for Civil Engineers seeking enduring strength and aesthetic appeal. From wear resistance to freeze-thaw resilience, this product is the key to elevating concrete floors across diverse applications. Let Deco Top 200 be your secret weapon for concrete excellence in Jordan.

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