Deco Seal – Solvented Sealer

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Solvent Base Acrylic Sealer For Concrete – 18 liter Pail

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Deco Seal Clear Sealer is a 100% acrylic solvent base concrete sealer and curing agent. It has been specifically formulated for sealing and protecting plain and colored concrete, masonry, precast concrete and cementitious overlayments. Recommended for use over Stamped Concrete, Decorete ® Overlay, acid stained floors and any other concrete or masonry surface where a clear bright finish is desired. Deco Seal clear sealer is a non-styrenated acrylic sealer, non-yellowing and resistant to oil, gasoline, grease, acid, deicing salts, ultra violet rays, wet and dry abrasion, and most household chemicals. Deco Seal contains unique resins and solvent formulations designed for maximum penetration into the concrete pores providing great adhesion to the surface. It enhances the color of stamped concrete, overlays and acid stained floors, and it adds life to your decorative concrete surface while creating a hard and long lasting protective shield over the concrete surface. Deco Seal is a ready to use product. Do not thin. Use straight from the pail.


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