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Polished Concrete Floors

The main advantage that has propelled polished concrete in its status as a sought-after flooring material is its ability to look elegant and classy even with no laborious processes like waxing required.With a lot of advances in the field of techniques and equipment in floor polishing, concrete flooring can now be grinded, which means its finish can be very high in gloss without the need for coatings and waxes.

That’s additional savings for building owners in floor maintenance.. Moreover, concrete is very durable and can withstand a lot of traffic and wear and tear so it’s not a wonder why a lot of commercial and industrial floors have switched to this type of concrete flooring from the more traditional materials like tile, granite, linoleums and marble, among others. Even homes these days can be seen adapting this material to get smooth floors high levels of luster, so they always look elegant and clean.

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Moreover, this type of concrete flooring can also be stained so that it wouldn’t look too plain, and can look polished and high end.Polishing concrete and using it for floors is not just restricted to that kind of treatment, and as mentioned, staining. Colored aggregate can also be added to the concrete mix or placed on the top portion of the concrete layer. Once the polishing process is done, these aggregate will be revealed, adding more character to the polished surface. Colored concrete can also be used so that the surface will come more alive.

The aggregate or any material like bolts, chips or tiny objects can be combined and can be arranged into a pattern to make the surface more interesting.In order to get polished concrete, obviously the main process involved is polishing, which can be done by a DFIY enthusiast, just as long as the person has enough time to dedicate to the project. Otherwise, there is always the option to hire a company with a great reputation with employed experts that will get the floor polished and sparkling in no time.

The company Decorete, for example, has done remarkable strides in making flooring materials and applications more innovative. Their services will assure you that your floor will really be a worthwhile investment.Should you have your concrete floor project be done as a DIY project, the first thing you’d need to rent is a polishing machine with diamond infused discs. You can rent it from a shop that rents equipment or a home improvement store. This piece of equipment is upright, with metal pads in its base, studded with pieces of diamonds. When operating the machine, you will be pushing these moving abrasive pads while it skims through the surface, and the pads will smoothen all the uneven and rough areas.

The concrete floor is first cut dry or wet for three to four times. This is where the polishing machine is used. After, the surface is grouted with cement for air bubbles to be filled and imperfections to be corrected. Then, a hardener in clear liquid form is applied over the surface for an hour to give the floor a gloss and additional durability. The floor is then allowed to set and cure overnight before three more polishing procedures are done. After, the polished concrete surface will get a sealing with staining material and sealer for water and oil staining to be avoided.

Polished Concrete “Color Chart”

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