Concrete Furniture

The earthy feel and appearance of concrete furniture can provide warmth to your home and your outdoor confines. Make everyone in your home experience that unique warmth feeling brought by nature with cement-based furniture. When it comes to concrete furniture,

The main advantage of making concrete furniture is that concrete can be molded and colored into many different kinds and sizes of furniture to fit your decorating taste and style. May it be in homes, offices, showrooms, restaurants, boutiques, and in many other places the cement-based furniture can be suited to the changes in venues.Another benefit of cement-based furniture is their highly functionality.

With high quality materials and advanced tools available you can basically have anything you desire: different types of tables for your conference rooms, your bed, your porch, in the cocktail area; or benches; beds; work stations; office desks and tables and many more.

Cement-based furniture provides versatility for your individual unique style. You can have them made to have soft and graceful curves, combined with soothing color tones. You can also be more daring and contemporary in your furniture design with interesting shapes in bright and vivid colors.

Most places have concrete furniture, such restaurants, showroom floors, residential interiors, hospitals, schools, hospitals, airports, salons, manufacturing facilities, and retail stores, shopping malls, automotive shops, airport hangars, as well as government facilities.

Concrete furniture is very sturdy and durable that it can probably last forever without diminishing its value. No maintenance will be required other than minor cleaning.

And if you want to avail of Decorete’s ready-made concrete furniture you have them in their showrooms. Or if you want custom-built furniture, Decorete will gladly assist you in deciding the design and colors of your piece with their many available designs.

Decorete is a total solution provider of high quality furniture and construction materials, and excellent construction services. You can take advantage of the expertise of their highly trained and highly skilled applicators and support staff.

For homeowners who want to build their own furniture or perhaps have already engaged third party builders to do the job, Decorete gives you some do-it-yourself tips on how to maximize the benefits from the use of their quality material supplies.

The work is simple but needs planning and proper tools. Tools required are: a) plywood, b) screwdriver, c) cement (from Decorete), d) sand, e) water, f) cement mixer, g) trowel, h) decorative, i) pigment, j) wire mesh (if necessary), k) grinder, and l) sandpaper.

Next, build the mold using sketches. Take accurate measurements at the mold to ensure that the furniture will be of the desired size, weight, and height. A good mold can be made from melamine. The mold should be sturdy to contain the wet concrete. Screw the mold together in one piece, screw can be easily removed when the project is done.

In placing the wet concrete reverse the mold upside down and put any desired decoration at the bottom. Then mix the concrete following the Decorete’s instructions. Mix well. Add the decorative touches, such as pigments, colored things and other desires. Pour the mixture into the mold, shaking the mold from time to time to release air bubbles. Fill up the mold. The project can be made sturdier with a wire mesh. Finally, unfold the project and polish it. It will take 4 to 5 days to cure the concrete.


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