Marble Plaster

There are so many colors available for marble plaster, and the chosen color would mostly depend on what shade will complement the furnishings present in the room, as well as the personal preference of the building owner, of course. This plaster is available in three various textures: the micro, the variant that gives a more rustic and traditional look; the satin, which makes the wall shinier and smoother; and medium, which brings a balance between a very shiny and matte surface.

Applying this kind of plaster is a good DIY project because the steps are relatively easy, so it will not take too much effort, as well as time. The materials to be used are also quite affordable. First, a small amount of the plaster must be applied to the wall in overlaps. The plaster must be continuously applied until the whole surface is fully covered. But in case there are areas in the original wall that will still show, you shouldn’t worry, as it is just the first coating anyway.