Concrete Furniture

Concrete Furniture The earthy feel and appearance of concrete furniture can provide warmth to your home and your outdoor confines. Make everyone in your home experience that unique warmth feeling brought by nature with cement-based furniture. When it comes to concrete furniture, Decorete is the leader in the supply of high quality

Artificial Cast Stones

Artificial Cast Stones Modern construction turns to artificial wall stones to give the wall an earthy warm natural appearance. Artificial wall stones, also known as patterned or imprinted concretes, are just like real stones when you look at them. Only they are much lighter and cheaper. When you fix them to your

Wall Stamp

Wall Stamp In modern construction, vertical wall stampings has revolutionized the wall design technology providing the best alternative finish for walls other than paint, tile, bricks and or cultured stone. Wall stampings offer a much wider array of choices of design and color to fit your unique individual style and taste. The versatility

Spray Plaster

Spry Plaster Spray plastering has become a must-do activity for a lot of property owners who know that having just a naked and plain drywall does not cut it, but functionally and aesthetically. With plaster, a drywall that will be painted over will look sandy and downright rustic – in a gaudy

Polish Plaster

Polish Plaster Walls Although already present in walls of structures as early as the 16th century, polished plaster has still distinguished itself in terms of look and advantages over other wall treatments like drywall and vinyl. It has also preserved its popularity, being one of the most frequently done wall finishes in

Colored Plaster

Colored Plaster Walls Colored stucco is a wall solution that presents versatility, durability and a variety of design aesthetics. Simply put, it is a type of plaster that has been changed in color with the adding of a dye. These days, there are so many colors that can be added to stucco

Marble Plaster

Marble Plaster Walls What makes marble plaster so attractive to both building owners and construction professionals alike is that it gives any surface the high end elegance and glamour that marble is known to bring without burning a hole in your budget.While it looks very expensive, and also brings a smooth

Terrazzo Floors

With the elegance and easy maintenance properties that terrazzo flooring has, it is no wonder why this type of surface has risen in popularity, especially for those who want to add a Mediterranean touch to their homes or establishments. Terrazzo is also referred to as Venetian mosaic, and is composed of

Exposed Aggregates Floor

Exposed Aggregates Floor Exposed aggregate concrete has been used in walls and floors all over the world, and this method has been around for a long time already. This form of decorative concrete is done by taking out the uppermost layer of cement paste in order to expose or reveal the aggregate

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete Floors The main advantage that has propelled polished concrete in its status as a sought-after flooring material is its ability to look elegant and classy even with no laborious processes like waxing required.With a lot of advances in the field of techniques and equipment in floor polishing, concrete flooring
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